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AMSOIL Synthetic Oil is the Best Motor Oil and is sold at Wholesale Discount Prices to Registered Accounts in Canada and the USA.

Why Should You Choose AMSOIL Synthetic Oil Over Petroleum and Other Competitive Oil Brands?

  • AMSOIL produces the BEST Synthetic Motor Oil and is guaranteed  
  • AMSOIL Saves You Money - greater fuel mileage and fewer oil and filters used
  • AMSOIL Saves You Time - fewer oil changes - up to 35,000 mile oil changes or one year
  • AMSOIL Improves Fuel Economy - most users see a 5% gain in miles per gallon or more
  • Amsoil was the First to manufacture API Certified 100% synthetic motor oil in 1972.
  • AMSOIL Improves Cold Engine Starting
  • AMSOIL Reduces Operating Temperatures 
  • AMSOIL Reduces Wear - vehicles and equipment last longer
  • AMSOIL Reduces Oil Consumption
  • AMSOIL Keeps Engine and turbo chargers clean
  • AMSOIL Decreases Friction
  • Amsoil greatly reduces our dependency on foreign oil.
  • Amsoil reduces the impact on our environment -fewer waste products reduce the source of motor oil pollution more than 11 times.
  • Dyno tested Amsoil synthetic oil provides increased horsepower and engine torque 
  • Amsoil is the only synthetic oil manufacturer that will not lower the quality of their oil to increase profits.
  • Amsoil the first Company to manufacture API Certified 100% synthetic motor oil in 1972.
  • Amsoil offers about a 25%  discount off retail prices to Preferred Customers - register now  Click Here

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